Mh-06 03
Some attributes
Series Gold, New Wide Screen
Model Number Gold: MH-06

New Wide Screen: NH-103

Amount Produced Gold: 500,000

New Wide Screen: 250,000

Other attributes
Weight Gold: 49g

New Wide Screen: 63g

Dimensions Gold Unit: 95x63x12mm, Display: 42x28mm

New Wide Screen Unit: 112x67x12mm Display: 54x36mm

Content Gold: Manual, Styrofoam, Plastic bag,ACL sheet, Caution sheet

New Wide Screen: Manual, Styrofoam,Plastic bag, Caution Sheet, Battery Stickers

Batteries Gold: LR43

New Wide Screen: LR44

Manhole is a game where you have to prevent pedestrians from falling into the water. It was first released on January 29, 1981, as a part of the Gold Series. It was later re-released as a part of the New Wide Screen series on August 24, 1983.


Manhole Gameplay - Nintendo Game & Watch

Manhole Gameplay - Nintendo Game & Watch

Manhole features several pedestrians that will fall into the water below if you don't place a manhole cover below them. To move the manhole cover, you need to press one of the corresponding buttons. One point is scored if a pedestrian walks over the manhole cover. The maximum score is 999. If a pedestrian falls into the water, you get one miss. If you get three misses, the game ends.

Differences between versionsEdit

Besides having updated graphics, the New Wide Screen Version has an animation for when a pedestrian falls into the water. Otherwise, the two versions are the same.


  • In Super Smash Bros., Mr. Game and Watch's Down A attack features a manhole from this game.