Ln-08 04
Some attributes
Series Gold
Model Number LN-08
Amount Produced 250,000
Other attributes
Weight 49g
Dimensions Unit: 95x63x12mm, Display: 42x28mm
Content Manual, Styrofoam, Plastic bag, ACL sheet, Caution sheet
Batteries LR43

Lion is a game in the Gold Series that was released on April 29, 1981. It features two zookeepers trying to keep lions in cages.

Gameplay Edit

The goal of the game is to keep the lions from escaping from their cages. Both zookeepers are controlled separately using the corresponding buttons. The lions will try to escape. To prevent them from doing so, position a zookeeper in front of the lion. The lions can also try to "fake-out" the player. Each time you prevent a lion from escaping, you score one point. The maximum score is 999. If a lion escapes, an animation will play of the zookeeper hiding in a tree, and you will get one miss. The game ends when you get three misses.

Trivia Edit

  • In Super Smash Bros., Mr. Game and Watch's Side A attack uses a chair from this game.

Gallery Edit