Rc-04 04
Some attributes
Series Silver, Wide Screen
Model Number Silver: RC-04

Wide Screen: FR-27

Amount Produced Silver: 1,000,000

Wide Screen: 1,200,000

Other attributes
Weight Silver: 48g

Wide Screen: 63g

Dimensions Silver Unit: 95x63x12mm Display: 42x28mm

Wide Screen Unit: 112x67x12mm Display: 54x35mm

Content Manual, Plastic bag, caution sheet
Batteries LR43
Fire is a game where you control two firemen trying to bounce people falling from a burning building to an ambulance. This game was originally released in the Silver series on July 31, 1980. On December 4, 1981, the game was re-released as a part of the Wide Screen series.


Game & Watch- Fire - GAMEPLAY

Game & Watch- Fire - GAMEPLAY

The goal of the game is to bounce the people falling from the burning building to the ambulance. The firemen are controlled by pressing left and right. Every time a person falls onto your trampoline, you score one point. The maximum score is 999. If a person falls onto the ground, you get one miss. If you get three misses, the game ends.


  • In Super Smash Bros., Mr. Game and Watch's Up B features the trampoline and firemen from this game.