250px-Game & Watch
Some attributes
Series Silver
Model Number AC-01
Amount Produced 250,000
Other attributes
Weight 48g
Dimensions Unit: 95x63x12mm, Display: 42x28mm
Content Manual, Styrpfoam, Plastic bag, cuation sheet
Batteries LR43

Ball is a game in the Game and Watch Silver Series released on April 28, 1980. The game features a character juggling balls. The goal of the game is to not let the balls fall onto the floor. It was the very first Game & Watch title released. The game also saw a remade version in the Game Boy Color title Game & Watch Gallery 2. 


Ball (Original) Gameplay - Nintendo Game & Watch

Ball (Original) Gameplay - Nintendo Game & Watch

The object of the game is to juggle the balls without letting them fall to the floor. There are two game modes- Game A, where you juggle two balls, and Game B, where you juggle three. Two buttons are used to move the character's hands left and right. When you catch an ball, you score one point. The maximum score is 999. If you score any higher, the game resets your score back to zero. The game ends when you drop an ball. Unlike other Game and Watch games, there are no misses.


  • This is the very first Game and Watch game to be released.
  • This game was re-released in 2009 via Club Nintendo in Japan. It was re-released in 2011 in the United States.
  • In the Super Smash Bros. games, Mr. Game and Watch's throw sees him juggle characters in a similar manner to this game.